Pack Cerotto Free

Free is easy to use, stick the patch directly on the skin of your sacral area

To maximize the antalgic effect of the patch, Free must be applied to the onsetof the painfulsymptoms.

Step 1 applicazione Cerotto Free

Take the patch out of the sachet.

Dimensioni Cerotto free
Step 2 applicazione Cerotto free

Remove the protective film and apply your patch directly to clean and dry skin. Its antalgic effect can be felt within 30 minutes.

After 24-48 hours remove the patch and, if necessary, replace it with a new one until the end of the menstrual cycle.

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Step 3 applicazione Cerotto free

In case of severe pain, two patches can be added on front pelvis region.

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Storage conditions

Keep in a cool, dry place far from any source of heat and direct sunlight. Store protected from moisture. Do not damage the packaging topreserve hygienic conditions. Keep away from electromagnetic radiations.

Technical documentation of the product available on request.