What is FREE patch?

Freeis a medical device, without external energy supply and without release of any pharmaceutical active ingredient.

It consists of specific materials treated to transfer electromagnetic stimuli to your body, exerting a muscle relaxant action with consequent reduction of pelvic pain perception.

What is it for?

Freecan be used to treat primary dysmenorrhea, also known as painful periods, or menstrual cramps. Free helps all women who want a quick relief from menstrual pain. Its action can be felt within 30 minutes from the application.

How does it work?

Free exerts a relaxing effect on the uterine muscles and reduces the symptoms typical of menstrual pain.

Where should Free be applied?

Free must be applied to the sacral area. It is easy to wear, thin and discreet, leaves no residue and is not greasy.

When should Free be applied?

To maximize the antalgic effect of the patch, Free must be applied to the onset of the first painful symptoms.

What will happen if I use Free patch with drugs, even sporadically?

There are not known cross-interaction with the intake of other drugs, since Free activates with the body’s thermal bottom without release of any active pharmaceutical ingredient.

How many times can I use it?

Free can be used during each menstrual period, there are no limits of use.

How long does it work?

Free starts its effectwithin 30 minutes after application and lasts up to 24 hours. If painful symptoms persist, replace the patch with a newone until the symptoms resolve.

Can I shower and swim wearing Free patch?

Yes you can, Free is water resistant. It is a thin and discreet patch, hypoallergenic that can be comfortably worn while bathing, showering, and playing sports.

Can I use it even if I suffer from particularly strong and persistent pain?

In the case of intense symptoms, two patches can be added per cycle to the pelvic area on the ovaries.

How many patches come in a box and how much does it cost?

Free is available in packs of 5 individually packaged patches. It costs € 18.80 and is available in all pharmacies, parapharmacies and on our online shop www.farmaceutical.it .

Technical documentation of the product available on request.